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Bring nature into your home with Charles Leadbetter Designs

At Charles Leadbetter Designs we specialise in custom designs with our goal being to enhance the way people interact with the spaces they spend the most time in. Our inspiration comes from bringing nature closer to home and our designs imbue beauty, flexibility, and purpose. We always maintain our client’s vision at every step of the process. Contact us to learn more about Charles Leadbetter Designs.


Past Work

Home: Recent Projects

Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show

July 29 2017

As a student at Holmesglen TAFE, I was asked along with 2 other students to represent our school in the Avenue of Achievable Gardens. We were all given the same criteria which allowed us to create any type, style of garden that felt right. I went for a garden design that came from my roots in Scotland. My idea was to bring the Scottish tranquility and calm to the busy hustle and bustle of Melbourne. I used Scottish themed construction with well established Australian flora to create a small inviting hideaway in your very own backyard. I called this piece "Urban Tranquility".
Urban Tranquility got some great reviews from the public and received the Debco Peoples Choice Award which personally I am over the moon with. As somebody said to me, "the people have chosen"

Urban Tranquility


March 1 2017

This was a lovely job for a great family looking to increase there entertaining area and make the most of the space they had. Myself and the construction company I work with (Evolve Outdoor Creations) started this job last year when they got us in to fix the paving around the pool that somebody else had done wrong. After we completed the job to the high standard that was expected the client asked us to draw up a concept plan and fix the rest of the landscape. The challenge was to incorporate the existing established landscape into the new and exciting one we wanted to put in place. I think myself and the guys from Evolve Outdoor Creations have put in place a beautiful landscape that invites you to use the space and relax after a hard day.

Ferny Creek

March 28 2018

Nestle up in the Dandenong ranges you'll find the beautiful Location of Ferny Creek. I was contacted in 2017 by Rowan and Tam to come out to their home and see what i could do with the space. The views from the house were unreal and you really were immersed in nature. The first stage was to create an entertaining area for the family to enjoy in the evenings and weekends alike. The problem was the slope of the site, and and we could create usable space but without taking away from nature.

front carport.jpg


Dandenong trees.jpg

About me

Behind the scenes

Charles Leadbetter Designs was founded in Melbourne in 2016, and everyday I’m inspired by the projects I get to work on. In all my designs, I strive to find the perfect balance between comfort and beauty. My goal is not only to create beautiful structures, but to improve the way we live. I’m passionate about people and spaces, and I always design with functionality in mind.
My upbringing was in Scotland, where my family were livestock farmers. I spent all of my childhood either playing around the farm with my brothers or helping my dad on the farm. Either way I loved the outdoors and I thank my parents for giving me such a great environment to be brought up in. being in the country during my childhood has instilled in me the importance of nature and how we as humans have to use green life to create a better and healthier environment for ourselves and others around us.

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